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American Crew Precision Grey Blending - Dark 2-3


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American Crew Range of PRECISION BLEND coloring. Coloring white hair adapted to the needs of men without root effect or false reflections.
The Precision Blend range was developed based on an innovative concept which aims to restore the initial color of gray hair while preserving the natural appearance and harmony of the entire hair over time and regrowth. . It includes 4 different shades: Dark Brown, Chestnut/Natural, Chestnut/Ash, Light Blonde.
The coloring fades with successive shampoos. This saves you a demarcation. The effects of the product last 4 to 6 weeks (24 shampoos).
4 shades available.

  • Light Blonde (7-8)
  • Medium ash (5-6)
  • Medium natural (4-5)
  • Dark (2-3)

Mix ratio:
Mix the desired Precision Blend shade with American Crew 15 VOL (4.5%) developer 1:1 in a bowl. For a hair length of 2.5 cm a quantity of 20 ml is normally sufficient.

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