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Henna Tattoo Powder Coffee 500g


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Henna is a natural hair dye which contains a red-orange pigment called lawsone. ... Pure henna powder will not give other shades. There is no such thing as natural brown henna or blonde henna. Blonde, Brown, Mahogany or Auburn henna are pre-mixes and is not 100% henna powder.

Natural Hair Dye

henna powder is a perfect choice for using this powder for natural hair dye. We recommend that you gently sift the powder before mixing in order to break up clumps of henna. You can use this powder by itself or mix it with other herbs and ingredients to Naturally Dye your Hair

Our henna powder will help you achieve tones of reds, auburns, and even jet black when mixed with the right ingredients. Mix the powder with warm water, lemon juice, or tea and allow it to rest for dye release. Then, apply the paste to your hair for a safe, natural and organic alternative to chemical hair dyes. 

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