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Koza 5.53 Light Mahogany Golden Brown 100g


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Koza Colour is a colouring system characterised by a complex set of natural and chemical technology. This fine mixture guarantees perfect, stable and bright results when used correctly. KOZA COLOUR has a perfect formula that combines three important technologies:

COLOUR TECHNOLOGY – a combination of latest-generation colouring substances of high purity (over 99% pure) and absolute reliability that provide:
• Exact tones
• Total coverage of gray hair
• Stability over time and non fading
• A wide range of tones

CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY – balanced synergy between active elements: colourants, low levels of ammonia, and oxygen combined in a perfect formula, acting in total respect for the hair and guaranteeing the maximum integrity of its structure while providing intense, brilliant colours.
• Total respect for the hair
• Colours that are stable and durable over time
• Uniform colours
• Brilliant and vivacious colours

The base consists of a complex of highly-selective substances including Shea-tree Butter, which gives the colour a moisturising and protective action with sunscreen, Jojoba Oil extracted from Simondsia, an excellent emollient and lubricating and penetrating highly-substantive cationic polymer that completes the treatment, protecting the hair and leaving it strong and shiny.

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